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Vivanco 30447 USB Bluetooth Dongle v4.0, Class 2

USB Bluetooth Dongle v4.0, Class 2 supports latest Bluetooth technology version 4.0, called ''Smart ..

37.00 лв. Ex Tax: 37.00 лв.

Vivanco 34293 3in1 USB adapter Type C - HDMI, white

Charging, Monitor, USB Super Speed. The device extends the connection options of USB C connector of ..

119.99 лв. Ex Tax: 119.99 лв.

Vivanco 34295 USB Type C adapter - Card-Reader + HUB

Extension to 3 ports, USB Superspeed, Type A   USB Type C™ to card-reader + HUB 3x U..

70.00 лв. Ex Tax: 70.00 лв.

Vivanco 34296 Universal USB 2.0 card reader with 6 ports

The universal card reader supports the most common memory cards.For high capacity memory cardsLED in..

23.99 лв. Ex Tax: 23.99 лв.

Vivanco 36656 universal USB 2.0 reader for memory cards

Universal USB 2.0 reader for PC and MAC memory cardsFor big size memory cards with high capacity (SD..

19.99 лв. Ex Tax: 19.99 лв.

Vivanco 36657 USB 2.0 audio adapter

USB 2.0 Audio Adater for Soundcard and Headset USB Type A plug 2x 3,5 mm stereo socketStereo out, M..

15.35 лв. Ex Tax: 15.35 лв.

Vivanco 36665 wireless USB WiFi-N adapter, 300 Mbit/s

This USB2.0 to WIFI-n adapter allows fast wireless communication between computers and other Wireles..

43.00 лв. Ex Tax: 43.00 лв.

Vivanco 36667 USB -> serial Adapter, 1,8m - RS232

This USB to serial adapter provides a compatible serial interface to connect PCs or notebooks via th..

31.99 лв. Ex Tax: 31.99 лв.

Vivanco 36669 USB 2.0 - RJ45 Network Adapter for Windows and MAC

USB 2.0 - RJ45 Network Adapter for Windows and MACFlexible cable with length 0,1 m.Supports full dup..

40.00 лв. Ex Tax: 40.00 лв.

Vivanco 45234 USB 2.0 OTG adapter, compact

For the connection of USB devices such as mice, keyboards, memory sticks etc. on tablets and smartph..

7.00 лв. Ex Tax: 7.00 лв.

Vivanco 45262 High grade USB 2.0 compatible adapter, USB type A (F) <-> USB type A (F)

Fully shielded housing.USB 2.0 standard compatibleData transfer: up to 480 Mbps..

7.49 лв. Ex Tax: 7.49 лв.

Vivanco 45283 universal adapter from Mini DisplayPort to HDMI / VGA / DVI

Този adapter позволява Yes свържете devices with Mini DisplayPort Output voltageод with devices with..

55.00 лв. Ex Tax: 55.00 лв.

Vivanco 45341 network 1:1 adapter, RJ45 <-> RJ45

Small adapter for two network cables.Fully shielded with metal housing...

10.00 лв. Ex Tax: 10.00 лв.

Vivanco 45351 USB 3.1 Gen. 1 Type-C® Adapter

The compact adapter converts a USB Type-A port into a USB Type-C® port.USB A plug <-> USB Type..

11.99 лв. Ex Tax: 11.99 лв.

Vivanco 45352 USB 3.1 Gen. 1 Type-C® Adapter

The compact adapter converts a USB Type-C® port into a USB Type-A port. For connecting periphera..

11.99 лв. Ex Tax: 11.99 лв.

Vivanco 45383 USB Type-C network adapter, white

USB Type C to network adapter Connector-A: USB type C, plug Connector-B: RJ45 socket Supports 10/10..

56.99 лв. Ex Tax: 56.99 лв.