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Vivanco 35990 Car power DC/AC inverter with USB charging function, 12V/230V, 150W

Inverts voltage  from cigarette lighter plug from 12V to 230V.Additional USB slot for charging ..

104.99 лв. Ex Tax: 104.99 лв.

Vivanco 36306 set Vivanco Universal Charger Kit - Lightning/micro 12/24-110/240 1.m,

For charging of devices with micro USB or lightning socketContents:1x USB charger 2.4А1x USB car cha..

59.90 лв. Ex Tax: 59.90 лв.

Vivanco 38825 Super Fast USB Charger, quattro desktop charger with Smart IC, black 1,8m

USB quattro charger with Smart IC. To identify if an Apple or Android has been connected for optimiz..

55.50 лв. Ex Tax: 55.50 лв.