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Vogel's NEXT 7355 Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount - 40-65 inch
The MotionMount (NEXT 7355) is a Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount for 40-65 inch displays. This motorised TV mount automatically turns towards you no matter where you're sitting in the room and up to 120 degrees to the left or right. After you have turned on the TV, the MotionMount moves to your preset viewing position in one fluid motion. When you turn the TV off, the screen and MotionMount gracefully move back against the wall. All without the need for an extra remote control. Even mounting and installing the MotionMount is very easy. Everything is plug & play: 1 plug in the outlet and it works!
Everyone can programme their own viewing position.
You can gain access to additional options using the accompanying smartphone/tablet app, which is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows you to set one or more viewing positions for everyone in the house, with a maximum of ten. The TV glides to the left or right, forwards or backwards with the greatest of ease!
Colour: black
TÜV certified: Yes
Remote controlled: Yes
Warranty: Life-time (  Warranty of Electrical Parts - 2 years )
Turn: up to 120° ( 60° left and 60° right )
maximum distance from wall: 72 сm
minimum distance from wall: 7,2 сm
max load: 30 kg
min VESA: 200mm x 200mm
max VESA: 600mm x 400mm


Vogel's NEXT 7355 Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount - 40-65 inch


Продукт Vogel's NEXT 7355 Full-Motion Motorised TV Wall Mount - 40-65 inch
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