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Cookies Policy


The “cookies” are small text files stored on your computer or mobile device, and after that they are returned from the browser each time when it receives an access to the same server. Each cookie is unique for your browser and contains anonymous information. The contents include the name of the domain it comes from, the “duration of its life” and a value, usually in the form of randomly generated number. 


The function of the cookies is to memorize various things, such as your preferences, and based on them to present you content, which we find will be interesting for you. Furthermore they help us identify your device next time when you visit our site, as well as to distinguish you from the other consumers of the same website. The cookies generally improve the quality of your visit of the website, rendering your interaction with it faster and easier.   


Types of cookies according to the time for which the cookies will be stored in your device: 

permanent – they remain in your device for a certain period, indicated in the cookies’ parameters or until they are removed manually by you;  

temporary – they are temporary files, which are in your device during your visit of the site (session) and are automatically deleted when the session ends;  

Types of cookies according to the necessity and functions thereof: 

needed – they are needed for the site’s proper functioning and for provision of the services you requested. For example they memorize the articles, which you have placed in the online shopping cart. 

functional – they are important for the implementation of the service, since they serve for improving the functionality thereof and they allow the website to memorize your preferences (e.g. your name, language), thus providing you with better and customized service.

Types of cookies according to the origin thereof – the controller (administrator), managing them: 

Site cookies – these are cookies placed directly by us; 

Third-party cookies – we use Google Analytics, to monitor the traffic on our site. Google Analytics is an analytical instrument of Google, helping the owners of websites and applications to understand how the visitors thereof engage with their properties. Google Analytics may use a set of “cookies” in order to collect information and account for statistical data for the use of a certain website, without identifying personally the individual visitors. The main “cookie” used by Google Analytics is “__ga“.;


It is possible for you to block some or all cookies or to remove the ones already in your device. You may do so with changing your browser’s privacy settings, but be aware that this way you may lose certain functionalities.

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This policy is updated on 18.05.2020.