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General Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for use of online store

1. Subject  

1.1. The present General Terms and Conditions regulate the relationships between “VIGO” EOOD and the online store’s users, available at address

1.2. online store is a platform, allowing the customers to execute distance purchase and sale contracts in relation to the Goods offered, including but not limited to accessories for audio, video and computer equipment. 

1.3. The General Terms and Conditions are binding on all persons visiting and/or using the Site, purchasing Goods through the online store and/or making registration at internet address In case of any discrepancies between the provisions of an individual contract and the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions, the contract shall prevail.   

1.4. The supplier shall be entitled to amend unilaterally the General Terms and Conditions, including but not limited to lay down the manner in which the Site functions, to change the Goods’ parameters and characteristics, any and all delivery conditions as well as any other information, published on the Site. The General Terms and Conditions can be updated and amended at any time. The customers, disagreeing with the changes made to the General Terms and Conditions, have the right to erase their profile and to cease their use of the Site / Online store.   

2. Merchant data 

Trade name (firm): “VIGO” EOOD

Commercial Register Unique ID No. 040609781

Head office and management and business address: Sofia 1404, Triaditsa District, Deayn Belishki Street, block 62 

VAT No. BG 040609781

Contact telephone: +359 2 958 29 06



Supervisory bodies: 

Personal Data Protection Commission: 

Address: Sofia, 2 Tsvetan Lazarov Street, 


Consumer Protection Commission  

Address: Sofia 1000, 4A Slaveykov Square, floors 3,4 and 6, 


The telephone expenses the customer makes when calling the contact telephone +359 2 958 29 06 are on his costs at the price of one city call for the whole country without additional price raising in accordance with BTC current tariff – for BTC subscribers or at price according to the tariff plan of the Customer’s mobile operator.  

3. Definitions 

“Contract” shall mean a distance contract, entered into between the Supplier and the Customer for purchase and sale of Goods through the Online store, forming an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions.  

“Supplier” shall mean commercial company “Vigo” EOOD, entered in the Commercial Register to the Registry Agency under Unique ID No. 040609781.

 “Online store” shall mean an electronic platform, available on the Site and serving for offering Goods by the Supplier and concluding distance sale contracts in accordance with the General Conditions between the Supplier and the Customers;

“CPA” shall mean the Consumer Protection Act, promulgated in State Gazette, issue 99 of 9 December 2005, in effect from 10.06.2006, with any subsequent applicable amendments and supplements thereto;

“Customer” shall mean each person, visiting and/or using the Online store, going through it, making Orders, purchasing and paying for Goods. Any physical persons above 18 years of age, legal entities and other organizations can be Customers of the Online store;

 “General Terms and Conditions” shall mean these General Terms and Conditions and appendices thereto, as well as any subsequent amendments thereof, published on the Site;

 “Order” shall mean the Customer’s order for certain selected by her/him Goods, together with the chosen way of payment and receipt of the Goods; 

 “Profile” shall mean an independent part in the Site, which the Customer may access through user name and password and through which she/he can make Orders;  

“Site” shall mean the domain (internet address) and the sub-domains thereof; 

“Good(s)” shall mean the Goods offered for sale by the Supplier through the Online store; 

 “Good’s Price” shall mean the price for one or for certain number (quantity) of Goods, in BGN (Bulgarian levs), including value added tax and all additional taxes and fees. The Good’s Price does not include the shipment and delivery costs. 

4. Registration of a Profile  

4.1. The Customer shall make Orders in the Online store from the registered Profile thereof or without registration, as per the provisions of item 4.3.  

4.2. (1) The registration of a Profile is performed through completing a registration form by the Customer. The fields to be mandatory completed are marked with a star: names, e-mail, telephone, address. At the registration the Customer shall provide an e-mail and password for access to the Profile and check the box “I have read and I agree with the General Terms and Conditions”, with which the Customer makes an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Certification Services Act that she/he is aware of the General Terms and Conditions and accepts them in whole.  

(2) At making Orders through her/his Profile, the Customer may follow the status and history of her/his orders. 

4.3. After completion of the registration, the Customer accesses her/his Profile using the indicated by her/him at the registration user name and password.  

4.4. The Customer may also make Orders in the Online store without having a Profile. In such case she/he shall provide in the Order’s electronic form an e-mail, telephone and delivery shipping address. 

4.5. The Customer agrees and warrants that she/he will provide true and complete information when completing the application for registration in the Site, as well as when making Orders. In case of any changes to the declared circumstances at the initial registration, the Customer shall update immediately the respective data in her/his Profile. 

4.6. If the Customer provides false or incomplete data, the Supplier shall be entitled to erase the respective information and to refuse further access to the Online store, or to delete completely the registration. The Supplier is not responsible for improperly / inexactly performed Order or for non-performed Order as a result of provided false, incomplete or non-current data.  

5. Goods and orders   

5.1. In relation to each and any Good from the Site information is provided regarding the Price and the Good’s main characteristics, as well as additional information, aimed at helping the Customers to make an informed choice. The Supplier is not responsible for any omissions and inexactness in the Good’s description, not related to the Good’s main characteristics, and does not claim any extensiveness of the provided information.   

5.2.(1) The Customer can make Orders electronically 24 hours a day through adding the Goods chosen to a virtual cart. When making the Order the Customer selects the type of the Goods and the number (quantity) thereof, provides shipping address, the delivery manner and time and the way of payment in accordance with the offered in the Site options.

(2) To finalize an Order the Customer shall confirm it following the indicated steps in the Site. Adding Goods to the virtual shopping cart without confirmation of the Order shall lead to non-registration of the Order. 

5.3. The Customer may also make Orders via the telephone during the business hours, stipulated in the Site, as the respective Order shall be registered by Supplier’s employee in the name and on behalf of the Customer.

5.4. Regardless whether the Order is made via the telephone or through the Site, the Supplier shall register the Order made in the system thereof and send a notification to the Customer for that. The order’s registration notification is of informative nature and requires no acceptance (confirmation of the Order or assuming a commitment for the performance thereof).  

5.5. The distance purchase and sale contract between the Supplier and the Customer shall be considered executed as of the moment of the receipt by the Customer of confirmation, sent to her/his e-mail and/or through SMS to her/his phone, that the Goods from the Order are ready for shipment. Such message contains a notification that the Customer will additionally advised by a messenger for the exact delivery date. 

6. Right of refusal of a user – physical person from a distance sale contract 

6.1. A customer – physical person, having the capacity of a consumer within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, shall be entitled to withdraw (refuse) from the contract, executed from distance, within 14 days considered from:  

a) the date of the Goods’ acceptance by the Customer or by a third person, other than the messenger and indicated by the Customer, when the Goods are delivered single time; or 

b) the date on which the Customer or a third person, other than the messenger and indicated by the Customer, receives the last Good (article), when the Customer has ordered many goods with a single Order, and delivered separately; or  

c) the date on which the Customer or a third person, other than the messenger and indicated by the Customer, accepts the last lot or a part, when the Customer has ordered Good, consisting of e number of lots or parts; or  

d) the date on which the Customer or a third person, other than the messenger and indicated by the Customer, accepts the first Good (article) in case of contracts for regular delivery of goods, performed during a stipulated time period.  

6.2. To exercise her/his right of refusal, the Customer, within the term under article 6.1 hereinabove, may: 

notify the Supplier with unequivocal notice to the following e-mail: or call the provided in the Site telephone numbers; or 

complete and send electronically through the Supplier’s internet page the standard for of refusal /Here/  

6.3. When the Customer exercises the right thereof of refusal (withdrawal) from the distance sale contract and the Supplier has not offered to collect the Goods himself, the Customer shall send or return the Goods to the Supplier or to authorized by the latter person without any undue delay and not later than 14 days, considered from the date when the Customer has informed the Supplier about her/his decision to withdraw from the contract and refuse the Goods. The deadline shall be considered met if the Customer sends or returns the Goods to the merchant prior to the expiration of the 14 days term. The Customer shall pay the direct costs for the Goods’ return. 

6.4. In implementation of the stipulated in this Section 6 conditions, the Supplier shall refund the paid by the Customer price under the contract within 14 (fourteen) days from the date, when he has been notified for the Customer’s decision to withdraw from the contract. In case the Supplier has not offered to collect the Goods himself, the Supplier shall be entitled to delay the refund of the amount until the receipt of the Goods sold or until the receipt of a proof that the Goods have been shipped, whichever of the events occurs earlier. 

6.5. The amount will be refunded, without this resulting in any additional costs for the Supplier, when depending on the Customer’s choice the following is used: bank transfer to an indicated by the Customer bank account, postal money order.  

6.6. Right of withdrawal (refusal) from the executed distance contract and returning of goods is vested only in the Customers – physical persons, which are consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act in relation to the Goods, offered by the Supplier and provided that the Good(s) meet the following conditions: when more than one article (good) of particular brand and model are ordered, the packaging of only one product has been opened, and the remaining products are returned to the Supplier packed and sealed, with preserved condition and integrity of the placed by the Supplier protective stickers and other markings; there are no mechanical damages to the goods; the goods have not been used; they shall be accompanied by the documents and accessories they have been received with.

The following goods shall not be accepted: 

- goods with damaged or incomplete packaging; 

- goods with traces of hits or other external impact; 

- goods damaged by the consumer 

- goods which have been repaired by an authorized person 

- goods with traces on the packaging of glued messenger bills of lading. Any and all products subject to return shall be safely packed and boxed prior to being handed to a messenger and no stickers and/or bills of lading shall be placed on the boxes.  

6.7. The Customer shall not be entitled to refusal in relation to goods and circumstances falling in the scope of article 57 of the Consumer Protection Act. 

7. Prices. Conditions of payment.  

7.1. The Customer explicitly represents that she/he is aware of the circumstance that any Order in the Online store and the Site is connected with an obligation for payment on her/his behalf.   

7.2. Any and all prices of the Goods in the Online store are final, in BGN (Bulgarian levs), with included VAT and all other legally required taxes and fees. 

7.3. The Customer may pay the Goods’ Price in relation to an Order made in any of the following ways: 

а) Cash on delivery – the payment is made at the moment of the Goods’ delivery, when a messenger / courier visits the provided by the Customer in the Order delivery address and delivers the Goods to the Customer.   

b) Payment through a bank transfer – the Customer pays the Goods’ Price in accordance with a confirmed Order through a bank transfer to indicated by the Supplier in the Site bank account prior to the receipt of the ordered Good(s). The Customer shall send a copy of the payment order / deposit slip, in which the Order number shall be included as grounds for payment, to e-mail:, and if unable to do so, the Customer shall send the following information to the same e-mail: number of the payment order / deposit slip; Order number; name and contact telephone. 

c) Online payments with debit or credit card – the Customer pays the Goods’ Price with banking card through virtual POS terminal. The banking cards we accept for making online payments are: VISA, MasterCard.

7.4. In case of online payment or bank transfer, the Supplier shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any expenses and costs in relation to fees, commissions and other additional payments, made by the Customer or her/his bank in relation to the transaction itself, as well as in the cases of currency exchange, applied by the bank, which has issued the card to the Customer, when the currency is other than BGN. The Customer covers all the expenses and costs related to such payments. Therefore the Supplier recommends to its customers to check with their bank for any eventual additional fees, which could be charged at online payments or bank transfers.  

7.5. When online payment or bank transfer is selected, if within 3 days from the confirmation of the Order by the Customer the Price is not received in the Supplier’s bank account, the Order shall be considered automatically cancelled. 

7.6. The Customer may also purchase Goods on installment, through consumer credit allotted by a credit institution. This is valid only for Goods for which in the Site there is an option “Purchase on installment”. The terms and conditions for taking a consumer credit for the purpose of the purchase of a particular good are stipulated by the financial institution in accordance with the credit policy thereof. The Supplier does not participate in any manner whatsoever in the relations on allotment of consumer credits, including, but not only the Supplier does not set the conditions for application, the amount of the credit, interest and fees, terms and conditions related to the credit’s settlement, etc.). The Supplier does not act as a broker or intermediary in relation to allotment of consumer credits, neither he is an agent or representative of such institution, nor he is a party in the relations between the Customer and the respective credit institutions. 

8. Delivery of Goods 

8.1. The Goods are delivered by a messenger at the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria to a provided by the Customer address or to an office of the messenger company, as per the Customer’s choice.  

8.2. For making a delivery to an address, there should be an easy access for a cargo truck. In the cases of door to door delivery the Customer, in the address box in the Supplier’s electronic form for orders, shall include the floor to which the products will be delivered. Otherwise the goods will be delivered to the building, indicated as the shipping delivery address, if there is an access to the building with a cargo vehicle.   

8.3. The Supplier shall ensure the adequate packaging of the Goods and the sending of the accompanying documents. 

8.4. The carriage and transport costs, related to the delivery of the Goods to the Customer’s address, are not included in the Price, stated in the Site. Unless otherwise agreed, the Customer shall pay extra the carriage and transport costs at the moment of the Goods’ delivery to the messenger / carrier, making the delivery. The delivery price is calculated at completion of the Order in accordance with the tariff of the messenger company, making the delivery, and approved by the Customer with together with the Order’s completion. With the confirmation of the Order the Customer agrees to pay the carriage and transport costs as well. 

8.5. The delivery terms vary depending on the number of orders and availabilities at the goods’ manufacturer and/or distributor, the existence of official and/or other holidays, for which the Customer gives her/his consent at the completion of the Order, after clicking on “Confirm the Order”. At any case however the Supplier is not responsible for any delay in case it is due to a fault of the messenger / carrier, making the delivery and/or in case of circumstances, over which the Supplier has no control.

9. Warranty 

9.1. The Customers are entitled to lodge claims emailing to or calling +359 2 958 29 06. When lodging a claim the Customer shall mandatory present a document for purchasing (cash receipt or an invoice) the Good in relation to which the claim is made.  

9.2. When lodging a claim the Customer shall prepare the Good in its integrity, i.e. with any and all included thereto accessories, packaging and preserved in their wholeness labels. If the Supplier is unable to identify the Good, the claim may not be satisfied.  

9.3. In case of claims the Customer shall pay the costs of shipping the Good to the Supplier.  

9.4. The warranty covers manufacturing defects or latent defects of the Goods, other than normal tear and wear. The warranty does not cover damages caused to the Goods as a result of external impacts, such as the Goods’ deliberate or unintentional damaging, damages resulting of mechanical impacts or scratches, high temperature, changes in the electricity supply, electrical shocks or damages caused as a result of improper use or due to non-compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions for assembly / disassembly / modification or for maintenance.   

9.5. The Customers, having the capacity of consumers within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Act, should take notice that the same Act provides for statutory warranty for safety and for conformity of the goods with the sale contract for 2 years term from the delivery thereof. The procedure on lodging claims is elaborately laid down in Chapter V, section III of the Consumer Protection Act, available тук. In the other cases warranties are applied in accordance with the explicitly agreed upon between the Parties or the enclosed to the Goods warranty cards. 


10.1. The Supplier shall not be responsible for any non-performance, caused by insurmountable force. “Insurmountable force (force majeure)” shall mean any circumstance (event) of extraordinary nature, occurred after the contract’s execution, which could have not been foreseen and which is beyond the parties’ control, such as fire, production failures, military activities, natural disasters – storms, downpours, floods, hails, earthquake, icing, draught, landslides and other natural calamities, epidemics, embargo, governmental bans, strikes, unrest, uprising, problems in the global internet network, technical failures, disruption of communications, disruption of electricity supply, etc.   

10.2. If the force majeure continues for more than 30 days, each of the Parties shall have the right to terminate the executed contract, sending a written notice to the other Party with immediate effect.  


11.1. The Supplier shall be entitled to cancel and erase completely the Profile in case of:  

provision of false or incomplete in information by the Customer;  

existence of Supplier’s doubts for fraud, misuse, unconscientious behavior or breach of the present General Terms and Conditions by the Customer; 

occurrence of force majeure circumstances or as a result of other objective reasons, impeding the Supplier’s business; 

suspension of the existence of the Online store / Site. 

11.2. The Customer shall have the right at any time at her/his own consideration to deactivate her/his Profile in the Site.   

11.3. The stipulated in the present General Terms and Conditions electronic notices and messages shall be considered valid if made in the form of an e-mail, pressing a virtual button in the Site and other similar, as far as the statement is technically made in way allowing for it to be reproduced.  

11.4. The Supplier shall use optimal efforts to maintain the information in the Site and the Online store always true and accurate and updated, however the Supplier shall not be responsible for the information’s exhaustiveness and reliability, nor for the content uploaded by the Site’s users. 

11.5. The Supplier shall be entitled, at its own discretion, to assign to subcontractors the performance of all or a part of the obligations thereof under distance contracts, executed through an Online store, without being required to notify or to receive the Customer’s consent to that regard. 

11.6. The Supplier shall reserve the right to edit the content of the Site and the Online store and to terminate the access thereto at any time. 

11.7. Any and all images in the Site are intended only to create certain idea of the type of the offered Goods, and not to present them exactly. Respectively it is possible certain images of the Goods in the Online store (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations/etc.) shall not correspond to the outer appearance of the respective Goods. The Supplier shall not be responsible for such discrepancies.

11.8. The Supplier shall not bear any responsibility in case the Customer has no access at a given moment to any part of the Site or the access is with impaired quality due to any reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to force majeure, other reasons beyond the Supplier’s control such as technical failures, interruption of communications, missing electricity supply, etc. The Supplier shall not be responsible for any damages, caused to telecommunication installations, software and hardware, or for loss of data, arisen out of materials or resources, used through the Site in any manner whatsoever.   

11.9. The Site may contain links to other websites, including ones having relation to the offered Goods. The Supplier shall not be responsible for the privacy policy of the websites, which it does not control, as well as for any other information contained therein.  

11.10. Any and all rights of intellectual property, such as trade names and copyrights over materials, photos, logos, images and other similar, shall remain property of the Supplier or its licensors and partners. Any use of the Site or its content, including copying, reproduction or storage of such content in its wholeness or partially, except for personal, non-commercial use of the Customer, is strictly forbidden without the Supplier’s permission. The offenders shall be subject of sanctions in accordance with the regulations, stipulated in the Copyright and Related Rights Act and the Trademarks and Geographical Indications Act.  

11.11. Any disputes occurred in relation to the present General Terms and Conditions shall be settled amicably and in good faith between the parties, and if no agreement can be thus reached – by the competent Bulgarian court.

11.12. The provisions and regulations of the acting legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be applicable to any and all matters not settled hereunder.  

These General Terms and Conditions are adopted by Vigo EOOD and are in effect and valid from 01.07.2020. In case of any change and/or supplement of the General Terms and Conditions the Supplier shall update the published ones on the Site.